Next meeting: Plane Wash and Special Meeting, June 4, 9 AM at DET 9M Jan minutes

IMPORTANT: Plane wash / BBQ rescheduled; special meeting called

05/24/2016 09:41

Due to inclement weather on our last date, the spring plane wash, safety seminar and BBQ social has been rescheduled to June 4, 9 AM at the DET hangar.

In addition, the executive board has called a special meeting of the membership to be held after the seminar, for discussion and vote on several proposals that represent an exciting new direction for EFC! All members are urged to attend.

Plane wash and BBQ Social

05/14/2016 09:00

It's that time again! The spring plane wash and BBQ will be held May 14 at 9 AM, at the DET hangar. Spouses / friends / prospective members are welcome.

Plane wash social

06/27/2015 09:00

Semi-annual plane wash, followed by the rescheduled general membership meeting and BBQ!

Aviation Podcasts

There are many podcasts related to aviation, but I thought I would share a couple with the team.

Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast

Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast

Airspeed Podcast

Airspeed Podcast

Each site contains additional information on how to listen to the podcasts directly from the Internet, and how to download them to your ipod, ipad, or other digital (mp3/mp4/etc.) player.


Patrick V

Christmas Cheer

Two new mini-photo-sets of our annual Christmas events are up in the Galleries section.

One Tank Flights

Just added to our Events calendar page: "One Tank Flights," an interactive guide to events of interest within a couple hours' flight of our base airports. If you're looking for a day-trip destination, you'll probably find it here.

New photo sets!

We have no less than four new photo sets up in the Galleries section. Enjoy.

On Becoming A Pilot

Our illustrious President, Howard R., has penned a very good, accessible overview of what it takes to become a pilot, To Venture Into The World Of Flight With EFC. This essay details the investment in time, money, and commitment required to earn a private pilot's license. Recommended reading for anyone interested in learning to fly.

Annual Inspection - 9090B


Includes IFR certification.

Annual Inspection - 8167F